Jati Bin Teh

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What can I say... My face sells!
— Jati Bin Teh

Jati Bin Teh is the VIPVIP of Operation Diamond Spire. He is an influential media magnate and multi-trillionaire who intends to conquer the world through sheer brand power.

Security Clearance

With VIPVIP Clearance, Jati can access rooms of any Clearance level. In addition, he will Scold anyone who enters one of these rooms with insufficient Clearance.


Like all VIPs, Jati is exclusively found outside of the Vault, but various circumstances can cause him to wander inside of it as well. Here, he will wander around, visiting Vault Terminals and even the location of The Package itself if he has been moved into the Vault.

If Jati encounters someone with insufficient Security Clearance while in a StaffStaff, GuardGuard, TechnicianTechnician, or VIPVIP room, he will attempt to Scold them.

Should combat occur near him, Jati will either run away from the fight or Cower.

Like all VIPs, Jati is capable of Reviving unconscious NPCs.

Like all VIPs, Jati will not open Drawers under normal circumstances.


Multi-Trillionaire, Jati bin Teh is an influential and insanely rich man that seeks power in most peculiar ways. His lifestyle and well-being brand propelled the media tycoon in the limelight all around the world. Now looking to extend his power (and his bank account) further beyond the reaches of the imaginable, Jati has been developing a lab-grown secret ingredient that is, reportedly, highly addictive.

Seeing himself as the shepherd the people need, Jati's ambition has no limits. Now that he's running for office, he seems to be in a good position to conquer the world through sheer brand-power.



  • "You. You are not important enough to be here."
  • "You need to find my assistant if you want access."
  • "Another fan? Eugh. You can't be here, okay?"
  • "This is not the meet and greet area. Go away."
  • "This area is for important people only. Leave."

Upon Nearby Spy Breaking Cover

  • "Agh! Help!"
  • "Agh! A spy!"
  • "Agh! Get away from me!"
  • "Agh! Protect me at all costs!"
  • "Not me! Take them! Any of them!"

Being Downed

  • "Oh, don't you know who I am? Ogh..."
  • "Not the face!"

Being Revived

  • "Ugh, what a pleasure it must be for you."
  • "My assistant will tip you later."
  • "What an energizing power nap."
  • "Is my face okay?!"
  • "Answer me. Am I disfigured? Oh God!"
  • "I was just... Meditating!"


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