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Elite Amber (also known as REDACTED) is an Elite Security Guard in Deceive Inc, along with Elite Douglas. She is distinguishable from her colleague by her slim profile. A weaker variant of Amber with reduced security clearance can also be found both inside and outside of the Vault.

Security Clearance

With Elite GuardElite Guard Clearance, Elite Amber can access StaffStaff, GuardGuard, and TechnicianTechnician rooms. In addition, she will Scold anyone who enters one of these rooms with insufficient Clearance.


Like all Guards, Elite Amber can be found wandering out both outside and inside of the Vault, patrolling Civilian and StaffStaff areas. In addition, she will congregate within GuardGuard rooms with other Guards. As an Elite Guard, Elite Amber can also enter Vault Terminal rooms and TechnicianTechnician rooms. In any area, she will wander around and engage with Social Interactions. It should be noted that Elite Amber is significantly rarer than normal Guards.

If Elite Amber encounters someone with insufficient Security Clearance while in a StaffStaff, GuardGuard, or TechnicianTechnician room, she will attempt to Scold them.

Should combat occur near her, Elite Amber will engage Agents. She will aggressively pursue them to achieve this goal. Upon spotting an Agent, she will shoot at them, dealing 10 Damage per shot. If he is close enough, she will attempt to strike the Agent directly, dealing 20 Damage. Should she lose sight of an Agent, she will momentarily attempt to relocate them, before resuming her normal patrol.

Like all Guards, Elite Amber is capable of Reviving unconscious NPCs.

Like all Guards, Elite Amber will not open Drawers under normal circumstances.



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