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Sebastian Garcia is the VIPVIP of Operation Hard Sell. He is a paranoid information broker who earned his fortune selling sensitive data to the highest bidder hidden in works of art.

Security Clearance

With VIPVIP Clearance, Sebastian can access rooms of any Clearance level. In addition, he will Scold anyone who enters one of these rooms with insufficient Clearance.


Like all VIPs, Sebastian is exclusively found outside of the Vault, but various circumstances can cause him to wander inside of it as well. Here, he will wander around, visiting Vault Terminals and even the location of The Package itself if he has been moved into the Vault.

If Sebatian encounters someone with insufficient Security Clearance while in a StaffStaff, GuardGuard, TechnicianTechnician, or VIPVIP room, he will attempt to Scold them.

Should combat occur near him, Sebastian will either run away from the fight or Cower.

Like all VIPs, Sebastian is capable of Reviving unconscious NPCs.

Like all VIPs, Sebastian will not open Drawers under normal circumstances.


Formerly known as Antonio Ricci, Sebastian Garcia is a powerful information broker and data collector. As the golden age of spy craft concluded, Antonio went into hiding to protect his secrets. To achieve his goal, he assumed the identity of Sebastian Garcia, an extravagant Spanish telecommunications entrepreneur with a taste for rare antiques. Successfully hiding in plain sight.

Underneath his arrogant and proud demeanor hides a very nervous man, always living in fear that the ghosts of his past will catch up to him one day. Then again Garcia cleverly uses art auctions that he hosts to inconspicuously smuggle hard drives containing highly sensitive data to buyers around the globe, and this time it can't go public.



  • "I don't know you! Leave, now!"
  • "This is no place for someone like you!"
  • "I didn't give you the authorization to be here!"
  • "Are you following me? You can't be here!"
  • "Who are you?! what are you doing here?!"

Upon Nearby Spy Breaking Cover

  • "They know! They know!"
  • "They're coming for me, help!"
  • "A filthy spy, again!"
  • "I've been found out!"
  • "The audacity! Agh!"

Being Downed

  • "I know it was you!"
  • "I'll make you pay for this!"
  • "I'll find you again!"
  • "It won't end well for you!"

Being Revived

  • "What are you lookin' at?"
  • "How dare you help me?!"
  • "Nothing to see, move along!"
  • "The auction is back on!"
  • "Is my collection intact?"
  • "Have they been caught?"


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