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You have to move! I have to clean here!
— Carlos

Carlos is a Waiter in Deceive Inc., along with his coworker Susan. As a StaffStaff, he can be found outside of the Vault.

Security Clearance

With StaffStaff Clearance, Carlos can access StaffStaff rooms. In addition, he will Scold anyone who enters one of these rooms with insufficient Clearance.


Like Wendy, Carlos is exclusively found outside of the Vault, where he is found performing various tasks such as cleaning or maintaining plants. Here, he will wander around and engage with Social Interactions. In addition, Carlos will congregate in StaffStaff rooms with other Staff.

If Carlos encounters someone with insufficient Security Clearance while in a StaffStaff room, he will attempt to Scold them.

Should combat occur near him, Carlos will either run away from the fight or Cower.

Like all Staff, Carlos is capable of Reviving unconscious NPCs.

Like all Staff, Carlos can open and close Drawers.


His work is never over.

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