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Hazen is the VIPVIP of Operation Sound Eclipse. A true artist and visionary, Hazen has taken it upon themselves to remind humanity of the value of the Arts by plunging humanity into a technological dark age.

Security Clearance

With VIPVIP Clearance, Hazen can access rooms of any Clearance level. In addition, they will Scold anyone who enters one of these rooms with insufficient Clearance.


Like all VIPs, Hazen is exclusively found outside of the Vault, but various circumstances can cause them to wander inside of it as well. Here, they will wander around, visiting Vault Terminals and even the location of The Package itself if they have been moved into the Vault.

If Hazen encounters someone with insufficient Security Clearance while in a StaffStaff, GuardGuard, TechnicianTechnician, or VIPVIP room, they will attempt to Scold them.

Should combat occur near them, Hazen will either run away from the fight or Cower.

Like all VIPs, Hazen is capable of Reviving unconscious NPCs.

Like all VIPs, Hazen will not open Drawers under normal circumstances.


A true artist in every sense of the word, Hazen has made a name for themself as an immensely talented musician, a performer in experimental theater, and more recently as an opera singer. Disgusted by the utter disrespect of Arts significance for humankind, Hazen's upcming show will be the final curtain call for the information age.

By using an experimental sound system powered by a vocal note that only they have mastered, Hazen will disable all of the earth's electronics in an instant. As necessity breeds true creativity, Humanity will then return to an age of darkness, an age of boundless creativity.



  • "You are not ready to see what's beyond. Turn back."
  • "This section is for the privileged."
  • "My latest work has not been made public yet. Go away."
  • "You could not comprehend what is going on here. Please leave."
  • "You have to go. You would not want to ruin the big finale."

Being Downed

  • "My work isn't done..."

Being Revived

  • "The show must go on, now that I'm awake."
  • "Leave me now. You've fulfilled your function."
  • "Eugh, you've entered my personal space!"
  • "Ugh, the future starts now."


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