Operation Diamond Spire

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Operation Diamond Spire is one of the Operations in Deceive Inc. In it, Agents must infiltrate the lab at the top of the skyscraper owned by Jati Bin Teh to steal the Lab Grown Secret Ingredient, an experimental product reported to be dangerously addictive.

Official Brief

Insertion: DREAMPRENEUR Cocktail Party Attendee

Agent, you are being sent in under the assumed role of an invitee to the DREAMPRENEUR Cocktail Party, a party in honor of Jati bin Teh’s greatest achievements, thrown by himself of course. Athlete, Stock Investor, Actor, Recording Artist, Influencer and Multi-Trillionaire, Jati is a man whose powers and influence seem limitless. Thanks to his lifestyle and well-being brand, the media tycoon has been catapulted into the spotlight across the globe. However, his lofty ambitions don’t stop there: he is currently running for president. And with his dominance across every major market with his sheer brand-power, his goal is well within his reach.

The impressive and imposing Aspire by Jati™ Tower looms over downtown Singapore. Behind all the grandeur, glitz and glory, if one looks deep enough, what is revealed is Jati looking to expand his wealth, power, and influence. His latest endeavor is to take on the sports drink market with a new product that most would not consider very… ethical. Our intel has revealed that he is developing a dangerously addictive secret ingredient to add in his drink to ensure people keep on drinking it (and of course, buying it) forever. His ceaseless goals for control are worrisome and must be stopped at all costs. This is where Deceive Inc. comes in.

Infiltration: The Lab

The Aspire by Jati™ Tower is the ultimate display of wealth and Jati’s own hubris. His name splashed everywhere JBT Media, Juice Brew Tea, FIT by Jati™. His brand on everything in the enormous building will not go unnoticed. While the DREAMPRENEUR Cocktail Party celebrates greed, consumerism, and mostly Jati himself, it hides darker motives. Our informant confirms that within the tower is Jati’s own secret lab conducting work of questionable legality. Gather all the intelligence and tools you can before working your way into the more secure areas of the facility. Here you’ll find a well staffed workforce conducting dubious experiments and specifically our target: Jati’s Lab Grown Secret Ingredient.

As always, your objective is located in the deepest, most secured part of the lair. Expect contact, and be careful.

Extraction: Tower Exterior

With multiple locations available to extract, choose your tactics wisely. Extraction points are out in the open: you’ll need to hide from the public eye, use your strengths as an agent and blend in to outwit your rivals. Good luck Agent, I’ll leave you to prepare.



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