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The Official Deceive Inc. Wiki

This community run and Tripwire hosted official Deceive Inc. wiki is a part of the new family of wikis for Tripwire Interactive's & Tripwire Presents games including, and They are intended to be a useful repository of information for players, featuring articles about gameplay including specific game elements.

Your Help Is Appreciated

We will appreciate your assistance in editing existing pages or creating new ones. If you willing to share your knowledge, have something to contribute, validate or update information on certain aspect of the game, create an account and reach out to the Community Team on Discord at

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Welcome to DECEIVE INC., a private corporation with complete monopoly over the international espionage market. You can disguise yourself as anyone you meet in an instant, have access to state-of-the-art gadgets the rest of the world can only dream of and possess skills that would make Hollywood super spies jealous.

But you are not alone. Rival spies are after the same objective and every single one of them is as skilled, cunning and well-equipped as you are.

Blend in, grab the objective and break out. In the end, only one spy can complete the mission and get the paycheck. Company policy.