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Defense: These tools are designed to help keep you safe out in the field by helping you (literally) bounce away from a situation or perhaps giving you the edge in a pinch. Seasoned spies will find even more ingenious ways to use these items to get the best of their rivals.

  • Auto-Turret
  • Bouncemat
  • Shieldbrella

Deception: A good agent blends in, an outstanding one is like a piece of furniture: completely ignored and overlooked. Even in the middle of a firefight, it is surprising what agents will overlook, especially if they are panicked and their own gadgets stop working.

  • Mimic
  • Scrambler

Traps: When leaving an area, or just ensuring problems for rivals attempting to follow, these gadgets will interrupt and disrupt the plans of your rivals. The choice of slowing them down directly, or perhaps breaking their cover in a room full of guards, is yours to make.

  • Goo Pod
  • Hack-Trap
  • Tripwire

Recon: Never make a move without knowing it all with the recon gadgets. Scout out locations, and even potential rivals, or sit back and siphon up that intel from afar, without any moves that will give away your presence.

  • Recon Drone
  • Spyglass