Operation Overhaul Phase One Update

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The Operation Overhaul Phase One Update is a major update for Deceive Inc. It aims to massively rework core aspects of the game, expand on its systems, and revisit its Agents and Operations to make the game a more interesting, polished, and accessible experience.

Major Changes

Vault Printers

A Vault Printer in the Operation: Hard Sell Vault
A Vault Printer in the Operation: Hard Sell Vault.

Vault Printers are a new mechanic introduced to help slow down the Infiltration Phase of each game. Beginning with the Operation Overhaul Phase One update, the VIPVIP doors in every Vault can no longer be opened with 10 Intel. Instead, it can only be opened with a VIPVIP Keycard. Vault Printers are now hidden throughout Vaults and can create a VIPVIP Keycard for 10 Intel.

Once started, the printer will change colors and begin making noise, alerting nearby enemy Agents that a print has been started. The printing process takes 30 seconds, after which the Keycard is ready to be used and can be used to open the doors leading to the Package. However, it is important to note that any Agent can take the Keycard off of the printer, making Vault Printers a prime location for ambushes.

First Aid Vials and Dispensers

A First Aid Vial
A First Aid Vial.

First Aid Vials are a new item debuting with Operation Overhaul Phase One, giving players more options to heal on the go giving them a chance recover from tough fights before other enemy Agents show up to clean up the mess. Agents can carry up to three First Aid Vials on them at a time.

  • First Aid Vials heal for 20 HP each.
  • Using a single vial takes 3 seconds.
  • Any form of damage, running, or trying to shoot will interrupt the heal. In addition, any Expertise that puts you in a state (for example, any Expertise that makes you InvulnerableInvulnerable or InvisibleInvisible) will also interrupt the heal.

First Aid Vials can be found throughout each map or bought directly from First Aid Dispensers in StaffStaff rooms for 3 Intel each.

Combat Overhaul

As part of Operation Overhaul Phase One, many changes have been made that will make the combat experience smoother and construct a solid base to further iterate on combat systems. This initiative includes many elements.

Reword Animations and Visual Effects

Old Weapon Animations for The Duke.
Old Weapon Animations for The Duke.
New Weapon Animations for The Duke.
New Weapon Animations for The Duke.

Every Weapon in the game has had its animations and visual effects adjusted or remade to fit the behavior of that Weapon better as well as better suit the personality of the Agent firing it.

The new system allows unique animations to be made for each individual Weapon that better suit their fire rate and reload speed, which helps make some of the slower-firing weapons feel less sluggish.

Smoother Recoil and Damage Falloff

Recoil curves for every Weapon have been entire remade. The overall recoil of Weapons has been reduced significantly across the board to make them more accessible.

To complement this change and make sure that fast-firing weapons do not dominate the competition, all weapons now have more pronounced damage falloff to make sure that the time to kill is higher in long-range engagements.

Directional Hit Indicators

A new look has been made for the directional hit indicator that appears on screen when taking damage to better showcase the directionality of hits and give better feedback on the amount of damage received from that direction.

Out of Cover Agent Collision

Enemy Agent Collision Demonstration
Enemy Agent Collision Demonstration

Out of Cover enemy Agents will now collide with one another instead of clipping into each other. This makes melee attacks much more reliable and fights less confusing overall.

Aim Punch Reduction

Two major changes have been made to Aim Punch (The involuntary camera movement that occurs when receiving damage) have been made with Operation Overhaul Phase One:

  • The amount of Aim Punch inflicted by every Weapon has been reduced. In addition, the curve for camera movement caused by Aim-Punch
  • Damage taken from the front will now inflict has as much Aim Punch as damage from any other direction.

Expanded Ping System

Expanded Ping System Radial Menu
Expanded Ping System Radial Menu

Two new functions have been added to the Ping system:

  • Pings will now show a specific context-sensitive icon depending on what was highlighted (Ammo Boxes, Intel, Keycards, etcetera).
  • A radial menu with multiple new ping type options is now shown when holding down the ping button.

Finally, a 3D element now appears in the world at the location of the ping to help players understand the exact location that was pinged.

Updated Guard Behavior

GuardsGuards will now scale their response depending on the Heat level of the Agent.

  • No Heat: GuardsGuards will no longer become aggressive at longer ranges and will only use melee attacks on out of Cover Agents unless they cannot otherwise be reached.
  • Heat Level 1Heat Level 1: Agents will take 25% additional damage. GuardsGuards will now shoot at you. This stage is identical to Guard behavior prior to this update.
  • Heat Level 2Heat Level 2: Agents will now take 50% additional damage. GuardsGuards will become aggressive from further away and up to three GuardsGuards can attack an individual Agent instead of two.
  • Heat Level 3Heat Level 3: Agents will now take 75% additional damage (reduced from 100%). The GuardGuard response is identical to that of Heat Level 2Heat Level 2.

To complement this, GuardsGuards have received tweaks to their melee behavior to make them far less likely to use their melee attack from behind as well as a slight buff to their weapon damage to make Heat Level 1Heat Level 1 more dangerous.

Finally, after a short grace period aggressive GuardsGuards will begin to cause Heat build-up over time, incentivising Agents to get back into Cover.

Heat Gained Buffer

The buffer where Agents do not gain Heat after hitting an enemy Agent has been extended, and a buffer has been added passive Heat gained from aggressive NPCs if an Agent has recently gained Heat from recently hitting an NPC. This prevents situations like Agents gaining twice as much Heat from a single attack on a GuardGuard.

Operation/Map Updates

Every Operation has been updated with changes ranging from smaller polish and layout changes to whole new areas and traversal options.

Operation Hard Sell

Changes have been made to the Vault area of Operation Hard Sell to offer more cover near the Vault entrances and create new flank routes around the Vault's Bathrooms.

Operation Silver Reef

Several elements both inside and outside of the Vault on Operation Silver Reef have been reworked.

Outside of the Vault, the central bridge on the first floor has been removed to better control player flow and avoid excessive third-party scenarios, and a new staircase has been added on the Vault side of the map to promote better interactions moving between floors.

In addition, a new Vault entrace has been added near the aquarium area and additional flank routes have been added inside the Vault to help prevent camping during the Extraction phase.

Operation Diamond Spire

Operation Diamond Spire was majorly reworked with the goal of reducing rooms without exits and allowing smoother flow both in combat and escape situations. In addition, scaffolding has been added outside of the Vault to create new high-profile traversal options on both sides of the map.

In addition, new visual cover was added across the bridges outside of the Vault and a passage in the main lobby helicopter terminal was opened to allow direct access to the Vault door.

New Bathrooms were added inside of the vault to give Agents more options during the Extraction phase.

Finally, the rooftop outside of the Vault was updated to add both a Bathroom and a StaffStaff room, making it more comparable to other floors in terms of looting and healing opportunities.

Operation Fragrant Shore

A reworked storefront in Operation Fragrant Shore.
A reworked storefront in Operation Fragrant Shore.

Operation Fragrant Shore received minor changes outside of the Vault. Builds have new bespoke signs to help Agents make callouts. In addition, a variety of store buildings have been remade to help them have a clearer visual identity and more interesting layout. Finally, Food stands have added visual elements to help distinguish them from further distances and better orient Agents.

Operation Sound Eclipse

New stairwell added to central area in Operation Sound Eclipse.
New stairwell added to central area in Operation Sound Eclipse.
The new Staff room added to the central area of Operation Sound Eclipse
The new StaffStaff room added to the central area of Operation: Sound Eclipse

Changes have been made to the central hall outside of the Vault for Operation Sound Eclipse. The lower part of the central hall now has stairs on both sides to allow better flow and prevent situations where Agents get trapped in a dead-end during an encounter. A new StaffStaff room has also been added to make the central hall a more appealing location and give it a more natural flow for Agents.

Player Spawn Update

Possible Agent spawn locations have been updated to limit close calls. In addition, a new spawning feature specific to team modes (duos and trios) has been added to allow more control in spacing out teams from one another.

Controller Experience Upgrade


Controller Aim-Assist has been reworked, moving away from limited fix-point targeting on characters to using the entire character's collision as the Aim-Assist target. This means that aim assist will now pick-up the character as a whole making it possible to snap to any limb and help stick and move the reticle along the whole body rather than switching between individual points along the character’s body.

In addition, Aim-Assist will now prioritize hostile targets over passive ones, meaning [[File:|middle|24px|link=|alt=Civilians]][[|Civilians]] will now be ignored by aim assist when engaging hostile GuardsGuards and enemy Agents.

Finally, training dummies and deployed Gadgets like the Turret will now be picked up by Aim-Assist and treated as valid targets.

Improved Input Remapping

Players can now remap move and view rotation input as well as the Drone's ascent and descent inputs. The pregame lobby respawn menu has also been moved to a hold of the game menu button to free-up an input.

Minor Changes

Reticle Customization

Players can now adjust the color and size of the reticle in the options menu.

Spawning Logic Changes

Changes have been made to rooms requiring Clearance Levels to access. Areas that consist of multiple rooms (like the StaffStaff rooms in Operation Fragrant Shore) are now all considered as a single room for the purposes of spawning items. This ensures a better spread of items like Keycards across maps.

Guard Keycards in Vault

A number of GuardGuard Keycards will now spawn inside of the Vault to help Agents who failed to find one during the Insertion phase catch up to enemy Agents during the Infiltration phase and help level the playing field.

Agent Bots

The first iteration Agent bots have been added to the game. They will be spread throughout the matchmaking experience to help new players get a better grip of the gameplay.

Bots in this iteration are very much meant to be easy enemies in this iteration. Iterations will be made to their behavior in the future.

Private Lobbies Update

New Private Lobby menu options.
New Private Lobby menu options.

An update to Private Lobbies allows for Sandbox Mode, which allows everyone to play with everything unlocked but with Experience gains disabled entirely. Private Lobbies can now also be filled with bots. Please note that this does not change the requirement of having at least two players to start a lobby.

New Cosmetics

New Inks and Poses have been added. Some of them can be acquired through Loot Briefcase drops or obtained with Credits.

Melee Aim-Assist Adjustments

The amount that melee attacks track their targets has been adjusted to make the "snap" to the target less jarring.

Headshot Damage UI Change

In the UI, Headshot Damage is now displayed directly instead of as a modifier.


General Balancing

Damage Falloff

Following changes to weapon recoil, damage falloff has been added to every weapon to help level the playing field.

Status Effects

The ResistantResistant and SlowedSlowed Status Effects have been changed to reduce their oppressiveness.

  • SlowedSlowed Speed Reduction: 40% => 30%

Team Revive Health

The amount of health Agents get after being revived has been increased.

  • Health After First Revive: 80 HP => 85 HP
  • Health After Second Revive: 60 HP => 70 HP
  • Health After Third Revive: 40 HP => 55 HP

Agent Balance



Base: Queen of Diamond

  • Passive Charge Time: 0.35s => 1s
  • Has no damage falloff.

Mod 1: Jack of Diamond

  • Passive Charge Time: 0.35s => 0.45s
  • Damage falloff starts at 20 meters.

Mod 2: King of Diamond

  • Damage: 46 => 45
  • Headshot Damage: 82 => 80
  • Reload Time: 2.1s => 1.8s
  • Passive Charge Time: 0.35s => 1.3s
  • Has no damage falloff.

All of Ace's Passive abilities have been changed to have a Weapon-driven charge time.

Base: Diamond's Bet

Mod 1: Crippling Shot

Mod 2: Neutralizing Shot



Base: Dragoons

  • Fire Rate: 4.0 Shots per Second => 4.5 Shots per Second
  • Magazine Size: 14 => 12
  • Reload Time: 1.8s => 1.55s
  • Damage falloff starts at 15 meters.

Mod 1: Hydras

  • Damage falloff starts at 20 meters.

Mod 2: Wyverns

  • Damage falloff starts at 10 meters.


  • Delay Before Shooting After Melee: 0.5s => 0.7s

Base:Tiger's Leap

  • Cavalière can now travel farther when fully charged.



Base: Sentinel

  • Fire Rate: 1.1 Shots per Second => 1.0 Shots per Second
  • Headshot Damage: 51 => 50
  • Damage falloff starts at 20 meters.

Mod 1: Vigilante

  • Magazine Size: 6 => 9
  • Reload Time: 1.15s => 1.5s
  • Damage falloff starts at 15 meters.

Mod 2: Duke

  • Magazine Size: 6 => 4
  • Headshot Damage: 80 => 60
  • Damage falloff starts at 25 meters.

Mod 2: Tough as Nails

  • Max Overheal Amount: 50 => 25
  • Overheal takes longer to start decaying but starts at the same time(5 seconds)

Base: Hard Boiled

  • Duration: 7s => 5s

Mod 1: Unshakeable Fortress

  • Duration: 15s => 7s

Mod 2: Return to Sender

  • Duration: 3.5s => 2.5s



Base: Hook

  • Damage falloff for hip fire starts at 10 meters.
  • Damage falloff for ADS starts at 25 meters.

Mod 1: Jab

  • Damage falloff for hip fire starts at 10 meters.
  • Damage falloff for ADS starts at 20 meters.

Mod 2: Uppercut

  • Damage falloff for hip fire starts at 10 meters.
  • Damage falloff for ADS starts at 25 meters.



Base: Silence

  • Damage falloff starts at 15 meters.

Mod 1: Cadence

  • Damage falloff starts at 20 meters.

Mod 2: Violence

  • Damage falloff for shots starts at 15 meters. Throw is unaffected.

Mod 1: Grand Finale

  • Cooldown now starts when the zone finishes instead of after activation.

Mod 2: Tour du Monde

  • Changed the trail VFX to make it easier to track Larcin's position.

Madame Xiu


Base: Zhulong

  • Damage falloff starts at 10 meters.

Mod 1: Longshen

  • Damage falloff starts at 20 meters.

Mod 2: Xuanwu

  • Damage falloff starts at 10 meters.

Mod 2: Mamba's Hunch

  • Enemy Agents now get a notification when Madame Xiu gets an update on their current position.
  • There is now a minimum buffer between two triggers of Mamba's Hunch to prevent Madame Xiu from getting two updates in a very short period of time, allowing precise pinpointing. This means that the final Vault Terminal and the opening of the Vault itself will now only give one ping instead of two.



Base: Pulpo

  • Damage falloff starts at 20 meters (does not affect Intel projectile).

Mod 1: Nautilo

  • Damage falloff starts at 10 meters (does not affect Intel projectile).

Mod 2: Calamari

  • Damage falloff starts at 10 meters (does not affect Intel projectile).

Base: On the House

  • Chance of Getting Intel refund when 10 Intel Away From Max: 40% => 25%
  • Chance of Getting Intel refund when 20 Intel Away From Max: 65% => 50%



Base: Heartbreaker

  • Fire Rate: 5.7 Shots per Second => 6.0 Shots per Second
  • Damage falloff starts at 10 meters.

Mod 1: Jack of Heart

  • Damage falloff starts at 20 meters.

Mod 2: Lovebite

  • Fire Rate: 1.3 Shots per Second => 1.15 Shots per Second
  • Damage falloff starts at 10 meters
  • Heart spray pattern is back on ADS shots but with a tighter spread than the original iteration.

Mod 2: Naughty List Template:Balance Change



Mod 1: Hyo & Hanei

  • Fire rate for a single un-charged kunai has been made 10% faster.
  • Added a visual element on the reticle that indicates clearly when the weapon is fully charged.

All PoisonedPoisoned Agents cannot use First Aid Vials until the effect wears off.



Base: Lance

  • Damage: 20 => 16
  • Fire Rate: 2.5 Shots per Second => 3.3 Shots per Second
  • Magazine Capacity: 10 => 12
  • Damage falloff starts at 15 meters.

Mod 1: Trident

  • Damage per Bullet: 9 => 11 (33 in a Burst)
  • Delay Between Bursts: 0.33s => 0.30s
  • Damage falloff starts at 10 meters.

Mod 2: Javelin

  • Damage: 25 => 24
  • Headshot Damage: 44 => 34
  • Fire Rate: 1.9 Shots per Second => 1.8 Shots per Second
  • Damage falloff starts at 25 meters

Base: Always Ready


Base: Eyes on the Prize




  • Added a visual element on the reticle that indicates clearly when the Weapon is fully charged.

Mod 2: EMP Flock

Gadget Balance

Umbrella Shield

  • Interact time to pick up after deployment has been raised to 2 seconds to prevent "juggling" (picking up and putting down the shield during fights).
  • Picking up the shield will now cancel ADS, preventing players from pre-charging shots.
  • Deployed shields will now break instantly if its owner is eliminated.
  • Deployed shield weak points can now be targeted by controller aim-assist.

Remote Turret