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The Neon Nights Update is the second seasonal update for Deceive Inc. It introduces a new agent, a new catalog, and a number of various changes to gameplay systems.

New Agent: Sasori

Main Page: Sasori

Sasori Promotional Header
Sasori, The Venomous Assassin

Once Hans’ loyal henchman and renowned international assassin, Sasori had a crisis of conscience leading him to retire from his villainous ways to open a quaint little restaurant in Osaka. After a long period of soul searching he is finally back on the field with a new perspective on life and a renewed sense of purpose.

Sasori is an all-new tracker agent that excels at hit and run attacks to single out and finish targets with flair. He brings the first first hybrid range/melee weapon in the form of thrown projectiles and a blade, allowing him to harass targets from afar and close in for a swift elimination.

Gameplay Changes

The Neon Nights Update introduces a large number of changes to the core gameplay experience.

General Changes

Heat Changes

Heat received multiple changes following feedback since the release of the High Alert Update. Overall, there is now greater consequences for generating Heat than before.

  • Downing a Civilian will now give one full Heat level.
  • Downing a VIP will now give three full Heat levels.
  • Downing a Guard still only gives approximately half a Heat level.

Spawn Economy Rebalance

The spawn locations and spawn rates of multiple items has been adjusted with the goal of slowing down the overall pace of matches as well as giving Agents a reason to search the Vault more thoroughly before attempting the objective.

Keycard Spawn Changes
  • Purple Keycards will no longer spawn outside of purple rooms.
  • A small number of Keycards can now appear within the Vault itself.
  • The Golden Keycar will now only spawn within the Vault.
Ammo Spawn Changes
  • Reduced overall pool of Ammo Box spawns in all Maps.
  • Reduced chance for Ammo Boxes to spawn in public areas.
Additional Food Locations
  • More Food will spawn in fixed locations across all Maps. It is easier to find Food spawns in locations such as kitchens, restaurants, and other eating places.

Purple Safe Tweaks

Account Max Level Increase

  • The maximum account level has been increased to 400.
  • An all new progression Ink has been added for players who reach this milestone, the Malachite Ink.

Updated XP Values

  • The values of most XP sources have been increased to allow for smoother progression and increased rewards for interaction with different lootables and in-game objectives.

Game Performance Optimizations

  • A long list of optimizations has been included in this update to improve game performance.

New Graphical Options & Automatic Hardware Detection

  • New graphical options have been added to better choose starting settings for players getting into the game.

Agent Select Menu Rework

  • The Agent selection menu has been reworked to provide precise information about the specifics of a build, such as the damage dealt by specific weapons.

Ink Menu Rework

  • The Ink menu has been reword to better showcase how a given Ink will appear on a Weapon or Gadget in-game.

Additional Field Upgrade Decks

  • The number of Field Upgrade Decks one can have has been increased from 4 to 8.

Enhanced Controller Settings

  • New settings have been added for controller players which allow them to tweak various settings like disabling vibrations, adjusting aim-assist, and tweaking the finer details of the quick turn mechanic.

Melee Shot Delay

  • A new stat has been added which allows the delay before firing after a melee attack to be tweaked on a per-weapon basis to help reduce the number of high damage combos involving melee attacks.

Reduced Cover Breadcrumbs Duration

Fragrant Shore Map Tweaks

  • Numerous shortcuts on Operation Fragrant Shore have been adjusted to prevent free room skips in various Staff Rooms across the level, such as adding shutters to the window in the back of the Staff Room by Vault Terminal B.

New Credits Cosmetics

Elite Guard Presence

Intel XeSS Update

  • Updated Intell XeSS to the latest version.

Agent Balance

General Agent Balance


Melee charge time has been slightly increased to make it more of a committment.

  • Fully Charged Melee Time: 0.65s => 0.8s


  • Base: Queen of Diamond
    • Fire Rate: 0.7 => 0.8 Bullets per Second
  • Mod 2: King of Diamond
    • Animation adjustment to better fit reload speed.
  • Base: Queen's Gaze
    • The tracking effect is now a full-fledged TracedTrace with a precise indicator on the target.


  • All Passives
    • Charge time for Fully Charged Melee: 1s => 0.8s


  • Base: Sentinel
    • Reload Time: 2.4s => 2.5s
    • Crit Damage Multiplier: 2x => 1.75x
  • Mod 1: Vigilante
    • Reload Time: 1.8s => 1.65s
    • Fire Rate: 1.8 => 2.3 Bullets per Second
    • Damage: 20 => 18
    • Crit Damage Multiplier: 1.75x => 1.5x
    • Limb Damage Modifier: 0.75x => 0.9x
  • Mod 1: Tough as Nails
    • Overheal decay speed is now half as fast as before to give more opportunities to leverage it.
    • Health numbers won’t aggressively tick anymore like you are taking damage when overheal decays.


  • All Weapons
    • Tweaks to spray patterns on all weapons to make close range shots more reliable.
  • Base: Hook
    • Fire Rate: 1.25 => 1.4 Shots per Second
  • Base: Dreadful Presence
    • Enemy Agents caught inside the wave originating from Hans will be SlowedSlowed for 2 seconds.
  • Mod 1: Fear Projection
    • Enemy Agents caught inside the wave originating from a rival spy will be SlowedSlowed for 4.5 seconds.


  • Base: Silence
    • Fire Rate: 6 => 5.5 Bullets per Second
    • Reload Time: 1s => 1.15s
  • Mod 1: Cadence
    • Magazine Size: 18 => 14 Bullets
    • Ammo per box and overall pool adjusted for new magazine size
    • Fire Rate: 10 => 9 Bullets per Second
    • Reload Time: 1.1s => 1.25s
  • Mod 2: Violence
    • Reload Time: 1.2s => 1.25s
  • Base: Au Revoir
    • Duration: 7s => 6s
    • Cooldown: 60s => 75s
    • Decreased Expertise Refund when Cancelled
    • Delay before Immaterial Effect: 0.2s => 0.25s
  • Mod 1: Grande Finale
    • Larcin and his allies can now shoot at any time inside.
    • Shooting immediately cancels the InvisibleInvisible effect.
    • A delay of 1.5 seconds without shooting is required to regain the InvisibleInvisible effect.
    • Height of effect has been raised to prevent jumping from the top, even on stairs.
    • Cooldown: 60s => 75s
    • Delay before Zone Appears After Activation: 0.4s => 0.25s
  • Mod 2: Tour du Chapeau
    • Duration: 8s => 6s
    • Cooldown: 60s => 75s
    • Decreased Expertise Refund when Cancelled
    • Delay before Immaterial Effect: 0.2s => 0.25s
  • Mod 2: Pickpocket
    • Increased Heat gain when used on NPCs.
    • VIPs give more heat when Pickpocketed.

Madame Xiu

  • Mod 1: Longshen
    • Damage: 12 => 10 per Bolt (3 per Burst)
    • Refire Delay After Burst: 0.55s => 0.45s
  • Mod 2: Xuanwu
    • Starting Fire Rate: 4 => 3 Bolts per Second
    • Rev Up Time: 1s => 2s
    • Full Rev Up Fire Rate: 8 => 8.1 Bolts per Second


  • Mod 2: Lovebite
    • Changed Spray pattern to increase reliability (No longer heart shaped).
    • Fire Rate: 0.95 => 1.15 Shots per Second


  • Mod 1: Sixth Sense
    • Now applies TracedTraced, with distance indicator and expected behavior


  • Base: Tactical Slingshot
    • Charge Time: 1.2s => 1s
    • Boosted Charged Projectile Speed
  • Mod 1: Experimental SplitShot
    • Charge Time: 1.2s => 1s
  • Mod 2: Heavy Longshot
    • Charge Time: 1.5s => 1.3s
    • Boosted Charged Projectile Speed
  • Mod 1: Medi Field
    • Now only heals Yu-Mi and her allies.
    • Reduction to the time healing stops when receiving damage.
  • Base: Quick Fix
    • Gadget Cooldown Reduction: 50% => 65%

Gadget Balance

Recon Drone

  • Can now open unlocked doors and doors you have Keycards for.


  • Intel Gained When Trap is Triggered: 0 => 3
  • Hacktrap now triggers when a Keycard is used to open a trapped door.
  • Trace Time 20s => 12s


  • Can no longer push the bodies of downed spies around.


  • Deployment now has a visible weak point, leading to instant destruction when shot.
  • In-Hand Version Health: 50 => 75

Field Upgrade Balance

  • Field Agent Kit
    • Gray: 20 => 15
    • Green: 25 => 20
    • Blue: 30 => 25
    • Purple: 40 => 35
  • Nutritional Supplement
    • Base Food Healing Amount: 8 => 10 HP per Food Item
    • Gray: 12 => 15 HP per Food Item
    • Green: 14 => 18 HP per Food Item
    • Blue: 16 => 20 HP per Food Item
    • Purple: 20 => 25 HP per Food Item
    • Gold: 28 => 30 HP per Food Item

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where friends list would appear empty.
  • Fixed an issue where zooming into loot from a lootcase makes the player stuck on this screen with no way out.
  • Fixed an issue where status effects visual feedback could be improperly spawned based on distance from world origin.
  • Fixed an issue where controller settings were not being saved after making changes.
  • Fixed an issue where heat effects would stay stuck if using a mimic.
  • Fixed an issue where the mission report would not show up if clicked while spectating.
  • Fixed an issue where some custom weapon skins would not appear in the lobby line-up.
  • Fixed an issue where bringing up navmode while meleeing can cause the player to not take out their weapon, rendering them unable to fire.
  • Adjusted reload timing/animations for some weapons where timing was off rendering players unable to fire.
  • Fixed an issue where shooting a tracking dart at a target while the drone is flying will do nothing.
  • Fixed an issue where “call for help” was present in solo matches.

PlayStation 5

  • Fixed an issue where there was no vibration on the PS5 controller.



  • Chavez
    • Fixed an issue where Unshakable Fortress effect stacks when placed on stairs and hugging the wall.
    • Fixed an issue where his gray health wasn’t always visible.
  • Madame Xiu
    • Fixed an issue where waiting until the last moment of the second cast of Python's Ruse will cause the player to be unable to use any weapons or gadgets until they use the ability again.
  • Cavalière
    • Fixed an issue where sometimes her zone can be seen (and heard) by her rivals.
    • Fixed an issue with Tournament Arc - where eyes do not fade out with rest of body when going near her.
  • Larcin
    • Fixed an issue where going invisible while recovering heat will cause the heat to visually persist on-screen.
    • Fixed an issue where his thrown/reloaded weapon can be heard from far away.
  • Yu-Mi
    • Fixed an issue where the medi-field bubble would have much faster healing than intended when entering and leaving it at a fast pace.