Operation Silver Reef

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Operation Silver Reef is one of the Operations in Deceive Inc. In it, Agents must infiltrate a fashion show at the Frozen Coral Underwater Resort to steal the STARFISH Weapon Prototype developed by the twins Rebekka and Nilfrid Evensen.

Official Brief

Insertion: Fashion Show Attendee

Agent, you are being sent in under the assumed role of fashion show attendee to the Evensen twins latest collection. Rebekka and Nilfrid, codenamed Starling and Angelfish respectively, are known in most… threatening circles for far more than their haute-couture. With fashionable collections to match the stylistic and militaristic needs of their buyer, their newest addition to “STARFISH” their fashion line, is for those who require things that are as deadly as they are avant-garde.

The world-renown Frozen Coral underwater resort hides more than celebrities looking to escape paparazzi. Once you move past all the glitz and glamor, our intel confirms that Starling and Angelfish booked the entire hotel for a launch-party, unveiling their latest prototype in the field of ballistic-fashion.

Infiltration: The Sub

The odd pair spared no expenses: to cover their tracks, they rented an entire leisure-cruise submarine from Havstrøm Traveling and made a makeshift HQ inside of it. Our contact confirms that the prototype is inside it. Once you’ve gathered enough intelligence, you can start making your way deeper into the aquatic lair. Here you’ll find a shark’s nest of activity hidden away from the public eye, as well as your target: the prototype’s blueprint.

As always, your objective is located in the deepest, most secured part of the lair. Expect contact, and be careful.

Extraction: The Runway

As always, we leave the extraction strategy entirely in your hands, but there will be vehicles waiting on standby at several locations where guests of the Frozen Coral tend to come and go, so get ready to blend in and wear your best. Good luck Agent.


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