Operation Hard Sell

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Operation Hard Sell is one of the Operations in Deceive Inc. In it, Agents must infiltrate the mansion of Sebastian Garcia to steal The Bull's Eye, a piece of art containing sensitive information being auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Official Brief

Insertion: Party Guest

Agent, you are being sent in under the assumed role of a guest of the “esteemed” Sebastian Garcia, former spy, now information broker to the highest bidder. He is hosting a “small” house party to flaunt his wealth and status, and that is your ticket in. For the guests with deep pockets, Garcia is hosting his 13th annual auction to sell off masterpieces from his private art collection. However, those in the loop know that Garcia is merely a masquerading charlatan: these pieces of high art, are in fact disguised sensitive information that should not fall in the wrong hands.

This sprawling mansion has several wings and floors to explore as you ready up for the next phase of the operation. Recommended locations to ply your trade include:

  • Sebastian Garcia’s Office
  • Sebastian Garcia’s Suite
  • The Observatory

Infiltration: The Mountain Vault

Buried deep into the mountain behind the mansion is where the real work happens, both Garcia’s and yours. Your goal is to find and retrieve the Bull's Eye : a golden statue of a Bull's head hiding a drive whose private content is about to be sold to the highest bidder with the worst of intentions.

Your objective is likely located in the deepest most guarded part of the lair. Our intelligence believes it to be located at the top level as you make your way inside. But we have not confirmed this information.

Extraction: Mansion Exterior

As always, we leave the extraction strategy entirely in your hands, but there will be vehicles waiting for your signal at several locations on the outskirts of the mansion. Good luck Agent.



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