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Catalogs are bundles of cosmetic items available in Deceive Inc. They contain cosmetics pertinent to the Season they release with. One Catalog is released per game Season.

How Catalogs Work

A Catalog Page
An individual catalog page.
The final page of a catalog
The final page of a catalog.

A Catalog consists of ten total pages, plus a bonus page for completing the entirety of a Catalog. Each page of a Catalog has five items on it, ranging from Agent Skins, Profile Portraits, Inks, Intro Poses, Credits, Bonds, and XP Boosters. These items are themed based on the theme of the Season, and each item costs one Season Token. While two of the five items are available for free, three are exclusively available for anyone who purchases the Premium Catalog. To advance to the next page of a Catalog, three of the five items on a page must be unlocked. While they will not be made available until the Premium Catalog is purchased, premium items can still be unlocked in the free Catalog to allow for page progression. Unlocking all items on an individual page additionally grants a Title.

When purchasing a Premium Catalog, all Premium items already unlocked will be retroactively granted to the player. In addition, the Season's Agent and an additional Skin will be automatically unlocked.

Upon buying all items of a Premium Catalog, purchasers will unlock two additional cosmetic items, usually upgraded versions of Skins previously available in earlier pages.

List of Available Catalogs

Catalog 1: Misery EmpireCatalog 2: Neon NightsCatalog 3: Of Queens and Kings